not just a paranoia

About this project

anmesia – is a service for the creation of self-destructible end-to-end encrypted notes. It will be useful if you want to send somebody sensitive information, but your communication channel is being tapped.

How to use it

  1. Enter your note text.
  2. If required, select additional options by clicking «show more options».
  3. Click «Encrypt & get link».
  4. Send this link to the recipient
  5. Once the message is read, it will be destroyed immediately.* Nobody will be able to read it, even the recipient.

* – messages are also destroyed after specified storage time if they didn't read.


How safe is this service?

When creating a message, it is encrypted inside the browser, by a random or a user-selected key. The encrypted message and its settings (the storage time, the need for warning) are transmitted to the server. If the user chose to generate a password, it is embedded in the link itself after the # symbol. The peculiarity of such links is that only a fraction before the # is transmitted to the server, so the password remains always in the browser. The only way to compromise the text of the message is to use the keylogger, so regularly check your system for malicious software to be safe.


I have an idea...

If you have something to say about our service, write to us. You can find contacts on the Feedback page.