not just a paranoia


amnesia is a project by Iriscot Software. This document describes the means taken by Iriscot Software to ensure the privacy of its users.


1. Description of the service

amnesia is a free web service that allows users to create encrypted notes via one-time links. amnesia does not provide any means of transferring these links, so the responsibility for their transfer is entirely borne by the user. There is a possibility that, depending on the communication channel selected by the user, the link can be intercepted and the contents of the note read. amnesia is not liable for cases where the text of the note is made available to a larger circle of people through the fault of the user than he expected.


2. Procedure for processing notes and their contents

The encryption key for the notes is generated in the user's browser and attached to a note link which is generated on the server. The key is not transmitted to the amnesia server in any way. For this reason, no one but the owner of the link with the encryption key can read the contents of the note, including the administration of amnesia.

After the user has read the note or after the specified time, it is irrevocably removed from the amnesia server.

The Iriscot Software team does everything possible to protect the site from unauthorized access, modification or destruction of data. But even if someone can access the database, they will not be able to read the notes, because they are stored in encrypted form, and Iriscot Software does not have encryption keys from them.


3. IP Address processing

amnesia does not store user's IP addresses. They are used only to communicate with the server and are deleted as soon as they are not needed for this purpose.


4. Denial of responsibility

Iriscot Software is not responsible for the content of notes posted by users.


5. Disclosure of information

Iriscot Software does not disclose any information to third parties unless otherwise specified in this agreement.


6. Cookies

amnesia uses cookies, small files stored on the user's computer for the functioning of the site.


7. Contact us

If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected].